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Digital culture shift thanks to Citizen Developer

September 15, 2021

Why are many companies still struggling to digitize processes and transform business models? In order to achieve a true digital culture change in the IT structure, a further step is required: the development of software applications with low code by so-called citizen developers.

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Project Report: MARLIN Specialist Information Network of BSH

August 17, 2021

The German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) works in the area of offshore wind energy with the MARLIN web application implemented by SCOPELAND.
Manual and therefore time-consuming processes were replaced by an efficient and effective web application.

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Back to the Office? Modern corporate culture is hybrid

July 8, 2021

The so-called hybrid work model, which gives employees the freedom to work in the office, from home or on the road, is now standard in many companies. This model has proven to be particularly efficient in IT and software development.

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COVID-19 and Low-Code: Why you should rely on declarative technologies right now

April 13, 2021

One thing has been revealed: agile development teams are not able to ensure the required speed and responsiveness in the development and customization of software applications, which is currently required. Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, John Bratincevic, makes clear in his recent report how valuable low-code tools are to address the development gap directly.

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The Year of Low-Code – What can we expect in 2021? 

January 22, 2021

Will 2021 be "The Year of Low-Code"? Leading industry experts such as the analyst firms Forrester Research and Gartner are predicting just that. What makes them think so? According to the US analysts, 75% of the world's enterprise software will be developed with low-code this year. 

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The SCOPELAND Year in Review 2020

December 15, 2020

A successful year lies behind Scopeland Technology: despite the current difficult situation caused by the Corona crisis, we were able to work very closely with our customers and complete our projects according to plan, so that we could continue to successfully align our company development.

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Time is money - How to plan your IT budget

October 15, 2020

The fourth and thus last quarter of 2020 has been reached. For most companies, this means that they have to reflect on their current business and plan their budget for the coming year. We have put together some tips on how to plan the budget in IT in a sensible way.

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Are you up to date? You should know these 10 IT terms!

October 1, 2020

IT terms are unfortunately not always self-explanatory and often lead to misunderstandings. Or did you know that Design Thinking is not the latest furnishing trend? In the course of digitalization, virtually everyone is becoming a digital native and is in daily contact with a wide variety of terms from IT and software development.

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101 SQPIs – We have cracked the 100!

September 14, 2020

Scopeland Technology is growing and is looking forward to more and more active support. Over the years, we have grown into a large team which today consists of over 101 strong and dedicated employees.

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IT in change – Where and how are computer scientists needed?

August 27, 2020

Computer scientists are increasingly needed in other areas as before the pandemic, recruiting has become more digital and the soft skills of IT professionals have changed. The following article shows exactly what these changes look like.

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7 myths about Low-Code: Anything but simple software development

August 11, 2020

Companies are currently facing major challenges such as months of development time and exorbitant costs, neither of which is sustainable in the long term. Low-Code and No-Code platforms are moving into focus. However, there are some myths or prejudices that prevent companies from taking the final step and deciding on a suitable platform.

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There is no better alternative: 8 reasons to choose Low-Code

June 25, 2020

Low-Code is the new way to develop software. According to the well-known analyst Forrester Research, 29% of all companies in the US already rely on Low-Code development, and further 43% are planning to use it. So there is no reason not to develop applications with Low-Code. But there are many reasons to decide for Low-Code with SCOPELAND: 

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Accessible application development – Low-Code applications are accessible to everyone

June 18, 2020

Accessibility should be given high priority to ensure easy access to web applications for people with sensory and motor limitations. We have put together some tips on how to develop applications barrier-free.

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Brave new IT world – Low-code increases the proportion of women in software development

June 03, 2020

IT is still male-dominated today. Only 17 percent of IT specialists are currently women, even though companies are striving to increase their proportion of female employees. New technologies such as the Low-Code method have brought change to the situation on the IT job market and ensured that it will continue to change even more in favor of women.

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The most common technical questions about SCOPELAND – We answer everything about databases, web servers, operating systems, and the Cloud

May 14, 2020

More than 500 small, medium, and large IT projects have already been successfully implemented with the SCOPELAND Low-Code platform. We receive numerous questions about how our development environment is set up and its individual application options every day. We compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) for you.

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The coronavirus crisis is bringing about changes in everyday working life: Tips for working from home

May 06, 2020

Working from home has become the norm due to the coronavirus crisis. However, working from home presents some people with unexpected challenges, but with our not so serious tips, everyone can work productively from home.

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Whether in medicine, public administration, or industry: Customized database applications are advancing the digital transformation

April 24, 2020

It is impossible for companies not to engage in digitalization in order to be efficient and to offer the best possible service to both employees and customers. Database applications play a crucial role here and we are often not even aware of what is actually going on behind the programs and apps that we use every day.

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From our partner network - We present: Martin Schmidt from mtMax

April 16, 2020

Countless SCOPELAND partners work along with us to push digitalization forward. For example, the mtMax GmbH company as well with its cash register software Kasse Speedy, as Martin Schmidt, who runs mtMax along with Dr. Thomas Wengenroth, reveals in the interview, together they still have big plans for this year.

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The virtual office: A selection of practical digital tools in the age of work-from-home and co.(rona)

April 09, 2020

So-called collab office tools are the “winners” of the corona crisis and are currently seeing a huge demand: Whether it’s to maintain communication outside of the office, or to get yourself and a team organized and ultimately guarantee normal work operations. We compiled a selection of helpful tools for you.

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Three tips for CIOs on the path to digitalization

April 02, 2020

A lot has happened over the course of Industry 4.0: In the past, IT was solely responsible for ensuring that a company’s information technology worked. Now the Chief Information Officer has much more complex responsibilities. To find out what exactly they are and how they can meet the new demands, read on.

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Seven facts about the key role of Low-Code platforms in the Digital Transformation

February 27, 2020

Low-Code has become an integral part of the modern IT landscape and is taking on a central role in the successful implementation of the Digital Transformation. We put together seven, at times provocative, facts that highlight this key role.

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How Design Thinking can help with modern IT projects

Februar 20, 2020

What are the tools of modern project management? How can projects be implemented in such a way that they meet the requirements of today? Design Thinking is one such solution. The following article provides information on the background and the approach according to this principle.

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Interview Low-Code Developer - Anything but a boring job behind a computer screen

January 29, 2020

A Low-Code Developer is a person, who develops software applications without programming themselves. They work with the software modules pre-made by developers and assemble them into one application according to the customer’s requirements. How do you become a low-code developer? What is day-to-day life like in application development?

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The 2020 IT trends - AI, digital transformation and agility are the focus

January 15, 2020

Agile project management, artificial intelligence, and digital transformation as driving forces of the IT market in 2020. Just in time for the new year, market research institutes such as IDC and Forrester Research provide information about general developments in the IT industry and predict which areas will be of great relevance in the coming year. 

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The SCOPELAND Annual Review of 2019

December 19, 2019

Scopeland Technology had a successful year 2019: completed and commissioned major projects, the positive evaluation by Forrester Research, the expansion of partner sales, the latest software version, and participation in the first Berlin Low-Code Day. We look forward to what the new year 2020 has in store.

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Building Low-Code teams - An IT specialist and four not-it-people work together 

December 12, 2019

Due to new technologies and changing demands, it is becoming increasingly difficult for IT companies to find the right employees. Terms like DevOps, IoT, Design Thinking, and agile teams are on everyone’s lips. But how are these terms implemented in everyday life and perhaps more importantly: How are teams that work according to these principles assembled?

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Embedded GIS – More than Google Maps and others

Novmber 26, 2019

From nature conservation and environmental protection through urban development to the commodities industry – myriads of geodata are logged throughout all sectors. According to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, geoinformation is the foundation for future-oriented planning and political action. But what is embedded GIS all about? 

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A new job profile in IT: The Low-Code Developer

November 22, 2019

Already today, an increasing number of companies are using the Low-Code technology for their work programs. It is the fastest growing area of IT and thus also requires the right experts: Low-Code developers. But what exactly is behind this term, and how can you become a Low-Code developer?

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The first Berlin Low-Code Day

November 15, 2019

With five keynote speakers and 18 expert lectures, 14 exhibitors, and 160 selected guests, Europe’s largest ever manufacturer-independent low code conference took place on 24 October. The highlight was the keynote by John Rymer, Vice President of Forrester Research.

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