Consulting Services around Databases
Professional Project Management, Reengineering, Data Modeling, Legacy Data Transfer, Performance Optimization and much more

SCOPELAND business applications have a positive impact on our customers' business operations: they improve data delivery, create high data quality, optimize workflows and often even entire business processes.

Our SCOPELAND technology leads to quick successes with simple means. The overall success also depends significantly on the accompanying project work. It must take into account and combine the complex relationships between goals, requirements, system landscape, IT strategy, feasibility, costs, corporate culture and organizational framework conditions. In addition to technical product and database knowledge, well-founded methodological knowledge in the areas of project management, application development, software management, IT security and IT service management is required.

The underlying idea of SCOPELAND is that essential application functionalities are needed again and again, and that we have standardized these in our SCOPELAND platform and summarized them into core functions, also applies to the associated project work: requirements analyzes, specification sheets, specifications, application architectures, IT operation, interfaces, Data management and data management, process analysis and process management, test planning and execution, information security and process and product introduction are just a few of the terms that characterize our projects in terms of content.

Over the course of many years and in hundreds of projects, we have systematically processed and further developed the methodological knowledge that has been built up, and ultimately bundled it into our consulting division. As a customer, you benefit from this know-how, both as part of our joint project work and through our additional advisory support.

Performance overview

  • Requirements analysis and management
  • Project control
  • Support in product and process implementation
  • Advice on the information security of our applications
  • Business process optimization
  • IT service management
  • Optimization of the organization-wide data budget
  • Data migrations / system migrations
  • Rollout management
  • Professional preparation and support of tenders
  • Process cost-based feasibility study


Here are our services in detail:

Requirements analysis and management

  • Creation of the target definition
  • Identify and collect functional, non-functional and process-technical project and product requirements
  • Developmentally describable requirements
  • Creation of test and inspection plans
  • Elaboration of the accompanying change requests (organization, processes, data budget)
  • Check of the implementation of requirements
  • Identification, description and control of change requests

Project management

  • Creating a common project understanding (goals, scope, implementation)
  • Adaption of the required PMO standards to the project
  • Creation of the PMO documents
  • Project control and controlling according to the given methods
  • Conflict and escalation management
  • Project risk management
  • Project marketing
  • Leadership

Support in product and process introduction

  • Creation of all required documents (project sequence analysis, security concept, data protection concept, operating concept, operating manual, process documentation, organization plan, emergency management concept, etc.)
  • Accompanying the data protection prior check
  • Coordination of the entire process of procedure introduction
  • Support in the start-up phase
  • Process optimization

Advice on the information security of our applications

  • Creation of security concepts including structural analysis, threat and risk analysis, catalog of measures, technical security conception
  • Operating concepts and operating manuals
  • Emergency management plans
  • Establishment of the IT organization
  • Transfer of procedures into existing IT organization

Business Process Optimization

  • Identification of the actual business processes
  • Distinction of service and support processes
  • Evaluation of the structure and process organization
  • Analysis of tool usage and data budget / data quality
  • Documentation of the required business objects and data flows
  • Documentation of actual situations and derivation of change requirements
  • Voting in the organization (building consensus on necessary changes)
  • Development of KPIs
  • Establishment of instruments and methods for process control
  • Establishment of a quality management for processes
  • Orientation of the organizational structure to the process requirements

IT service management

  • Analysis of existing service management structures
  • Identification of optimization potentials
  • Practical and situation-specific adaptation of relevant method and process standards such as ITIL, COBIT, CMMi
  • Organization of the company direction
  • Creating service mentality internally and externally
  • Development of KPIs for business processes
  • Establishment of instruments and methods for process control
  • Establishment of a quality management for processes
  • Optimization of the use of tools in IT operation (tools, interfaces, workflows, data flows, data management, data quality)

Optimization of the organization-wide data budget

  • Identification of business objects and their attributes
  • Distinction of movement and inventory data
  • Identification of workflow control data and delimitation of movement and inventory data
  • Optimization of comprehensive data management
  • Optimization of data flows along the processes and value chains
  • Establishment of data and process ownerships
  • Integration of data management and process management
  • Cleanup of existing data pools (data quality and data volume)

Data migrations

  • Analysis of data stocks (semantics, syntax, structure, protocols)
  • Analysis of the required transformation rules
  • Development of the optimal migration procedure (big bang, parallel, successive, etc.)
  • Identification of points of no return
  • Development of rollback procedures
  • Development of backup strategies and procedures
  • Production of audit security
  • Implementation of the required transformation automats
  • Implementation of data migrations
  • Creation of test plans, test methods, test data
  • Execution of tests incl. Test of the tests

System migrations

  • Development of data migration strategies and procedures
  • Creation of the project concept
  • Creation of the hedging and test procedures
  • Development of rollback and fallback scenarios and procedures
  • Creation of test plans, test methods, test data
  • Development of the necessary changes in the structure and process organization
  • Documentation and implementation of necessary process adjustments
  • Training management
  • Procedures introduction
  • Data consolidations
  • Workflow optimization
  • Employee motivation

Rollout Management

  • Planning and coordination of rollouts
  • Accompanying organizational changes
  • Acceptance management
  • Development of contingency plans and rollback scenarios
  • Development of local on-site migration strategies

Professional preparation and support of tenders

  • Creation of specification sheets (tender documents)
  • Creation of evaluation catalogs
  • Supervision of the award procedure by professional examination of tender documents
  • Creation of assessment documents
  • Supervision of tenderers' talks (negotiated procedure)
  • Market analysis / cost and price analysis
  • Project impact assessments

Process cost-based economic considerations

  • Identification of the affected processes
  • Identification of the resulting amendments
  • Creation of process cost codes
  • Determination of process costs
  • Creation of adaptation scenarios and calculation of process costs
  • Full cost approach or product cost approach
  • Investment invoice / budget statement
  • Risk cost analysis, incidental and follow-up cost analysis



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