Consulting Services around Databases
Professional Project Management, Reengineering, Data Modeling, Legacy Data Transfer, Performance Optimization and much more

We know how to make your projects successful. We have more than 25 years of experience in the project business with hundreds of individually developed specialist applications, and almost all of these were implemented successfully and on time.

We are pragmatic and stand for modern, innovative solution approaches. We know how to build application software and we know how databases tick.

We are happy to offer you our consulting services, that is, consultancy in the true sense of the word. However, what we don't do is hire out JAVA programmers ‘in packs of ten.’ Many, in fact, far too many IT companies have resorted to hiring out people and then euphemistically calling this ‘Consulting.’ Not us. We are not a temporary employment agency working in covert. No. We stand up for what we develop. We take responsibility for projects and are very happy to do so. We do not dodge the complexity that often lies dormant at the heart of a specialist application. On the contrary: We go in fully.

We implement successful projects ourselves. And when we do sell our consulting services, we only do this in order to help you make your projects a success.



Dirk Kotala-Wilhelm

Scopeland Technology GmbH

Head of Sales and Customer Support

 +49 30 209 670 - 123