Data Privacy Statement
For the internet presence of Scopeland Technology GmbH

We take the topic of data protection seriously to ensure both adherence to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the protection of your data. A transparent explanation of how we use and/or process your data is equally important to us.  

As a rule, use of our web pages is possible without the need to enter personal data. When a user would like to access the external services “SCOPELAND Community Forum” and “SCOPELAND Wiki” through our websites, however, the processing of personal data becomes necessary – although there is no legal requirement to do so, we generally seek to obtain the user’s consent.

When we process a user’s personal data, such as name and email address, this always occurs in accordance with the GDPR as well as the data protection regulations for the state of Berlin. With this privacy policy statement, our company would like to inform the public about the means, scope, and purpose of collecting, processing, and using personal data. Additionally, this statement serves to inform concerned persons about their rights as users. 

We have implemented numerous technical and organizational measures (TOMs) to guarantee, as far as possible, 100% protection for the personal data processed through our web pages.

1. Information about the collection of personal data

In the following text, we will inform you about the collection of personal data connected to the use of our website. Personal data refers to all data that can be linked to you personally (Personally Identifiable Information), such as name, address, email addresses, IP address, and user activity.

The responsible party according to Art. 4, Par. 7 of the GDPR is:

Scopeland Technology GmbH
Düsterhauptstraße 39-40
13469 Berlin

Phone: +(49) 30 209 670 0
Fax: +(49) 30 209 670 111

When you contact us by email, we save the data you share (your email address and possibly name and telephone number) for the purpose of answering your questions. This kind of personal data that you voluntarily share with us is stored so that we can process it or contact you as necessary. This data is not disclosed to third parties.

2. Your rights

Beginning on May 25, 2018, you are entitled to the following user rights:

In interaction with us as a service provider, you have the following rights regarding your personal data:

  • The right to give consent
  • The right to be informed
  • The right to correct
  • The right to erasure (the “Right to be Forgotten”)
  • The right to limit the processing of your data
  • The right to transfer your data to other services
  • The right to object to the use of your data

3. The collection of personal data through the use of our website

If you simply use our website to inform yourself about our services, we only collect the personal data that your browser shares with us. If you would like to view our website, we collect the following data that is technically necessary to display our website on your device and to guarantee security and stability (the legal basis for this is Art. 6 Par. 1 S. 1 lit. f of the GDPR)

  • IP address
  • Date and time of the query
  • Time zone difference to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
  • Content of the query (the specific page)
  • Access status/HTTP status code
  • Volume of data respectively transferred
  • Website of origin for the request
  • Browser
  • Operating system and interface
  • Browser software language and version

IIS (Microsoft Internet Information Services) stores the server log data on the Microsoft Azure Cloud for 15 days.

4. Use of cookies

Momentarily, no cookies are set.

5. Use of Google Analytics

Momentarily, Google Analytics is not used.

6. Use of social media links

We currently implement the following social media links: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Xing and LinkedIn. Here we use the so-called “two click solution.” This means that when you visit our site, as a default no personal data is shared with the providers of social media platforms. You can identify these providers in the upper right corner of our website through their respective icons or logos, or via mouse-over. This gives you the possibility to go directly to our company page on these providers’ platforms via these links; only then does the social media provider receive the information that you have accessed our corresponding web page.

In the case of Facebook and Xing, the providers state that, in Germany, IP addresses are immediately anonymized on collection. By activating these links, some of your personal data is sent to the corresponding social media providers and stored there (on the premises of these providers in the U.S.A.). Because social media providers primarily use cookies to collect data, we recommend that you use your internet browser’s privacy options to erase all cookies before you access these links.   

We can influence neither the data collected by these providers nor their data processing procedures; neither do we know the full scope of data collection, the aims of data processing, or the data retention periods.  Furthermore, information about the deletion of this data by these providers is not available to us.

Social media providers store the personal data gathered about you in the form of a user profile which they implement for the purposes of advertising, market research, and/or the configuration of their website as needed. This kind of evaluation is undertaken (even for users not currently logged in) to display needs-based advertising and to inform other users of the social network about your activities on our website. You have the right to object to the creation of these user profiles – to make use of this right, you will need to contact the respective social media providers. By providing links to these providers, we offer you the opportunity to interact with these social networks and other users so that we can improve our services and make them more interesting to you as a user. The legal basis for the use of these links is Art. 6 Par. 1 S. 1 lit. f GDPR.

When these links are used, data sharing occurs regardless of whether you have an account with the social media provider or are currently logged in. If you are logged in with the provider, the personal data collected by our web service will be directly linked to your account with the social media provider. If you click the activated button and, for example, link to the page, the social media provider will also save this information in your user account and publicly share it with your contacts. We recommend regularly logging out after using social networks and especially before activating the button, since in doing so you avoid a connection of this information with your social media account.

Further information on the purposes and scope of data collection and processing by these social media providers parties can be found in the following data privacy statements published by the respective parties. There you can also find more information about your corresponding user rights and available options for privacy settings.  

Addresses for the social media providers and URLs to their data privacy statements:

a) Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, California 94304, U.S.A;; for further information on data collection:,, and Facebook has submitted to the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement:

b) Twitter, Inc., 1355 Market St., Suite 900, San Francisco, California 94103, U.S.A; Twitter has submitted to the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement:

c) Xing AG, Gänsemarkt 43, 20354 Hamburg, Germany;

d) YouTube, YouTube LLC, 901 Cherry Ave., San Bruno, CA 94066, U.S.A;

e) LinkedIn Corporation, 2029 Stierlin Court, Mountain View, California 94043, U.S.A; LinkedIn has submitted to the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement:

f) Instagram, Facebook Ireland Limited, 4 Grand Canal Square, Dublin 2, Ireland

7. Use of the SCOPELAND Wiki and the SCOPELAND Community Forum

In the externally operated SCOPELAND Wiki and in the SCOPELAND Community Forum, where users have the opportunity to post content related to SCOPELAND products, you have the opportunity to publish publicly visible comments. These comments are published along with your registered user name.

When you post a comment, your IP and email addresses are stored. This is mandatory so that users can defend themselves against claims of liability in cases involving the possible publication of unlawful content. A user email address is needed so that we can contact the affected user should a third party complain that they have posted unlawful content. The legal basis here is Art. 6 Par. 1 S. 1 lit. f GDPR.

Editorial responsibility for the SCOPELAND Wiki and the SCOPELAND Community Forum lies with the SCOPELAND User Group.

Further information about the purpose and scope of data collection and processing can be found in the  provider’s data privacy statement.

 8. Links to other websites

Should you access an external website (external link) through one of our sites, the external provider may receive from your browser information about which of our pages you reached them from. In these cases the external provider is responsible for this data. Like any other website operator, we are unable to influence this process.   

9. Data privacy for employment applications and the application process

We collect and process the personal data of applicants for the purpose of handling the application process. Data processing can also occur electronically: This is especially the case when a candidate sends application materials electronically to the person responsible for processing them. If an employment contract is concluded with an applicant, the personal data provided is saved in compliance with regulatory requirements for the purpose of conducting the employment relationship. If no employment contract is concluded with a candidate, the application materials will be automatically deleted six months after notice of application rejection has been given, insofar as this deletion does not conflict with other justified interests. Other justified interests in this context could be the retention of application materials with the applicant’s explicit consent or in line with a burden of proof in cases invoking the General Act on Equal Treatment.

10. Security

In order to protect the personal data made available to us from unauthorized access or abuse, we have taken comprehensive technical and operational precautions. Our security procedures are regularly evaluated and adapted to keep up with the latest technological developments. Our employees are formally obligated to maintain confidentiality. 

11. Further information

If you have further questions, for example about information that we have saved about you, please feel free to contact us directly. For the specific options available to you here, see the Imprint or Contact sections of our website. Within this framework, we also naturally uphold your legal right to be informed.