Template-Based Export and Import Interfaces
Interface Generator for All Current Standard Formats

We use the same patented basic technology to implement export and import interfaces that we use to generate documents. This is because an interface file that is to be exported is basically also a document that can be filled intelligently with data using placeholders.

The SCOPELAND interface generator not only supports exports but also supports the import of data in the same way from current interface formats such as CSV or XML, and even from Excel files that are used for data transfers. 

As in the case of document generation, templates with recursively nested placeholders are generated automatically along with the associated programs for filling the templates with the current data from the database.

The SCOPELAND interface system is remarkably powerful. Manual intervention is only necessary on rare occasions. Almost all your application's data communication runs fully automatically and exclusively via configured interfaces. This also applies to the data packets that are embedded in Rest or Web services and are exchanged with other programs. Everything is just configured.

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