Laboratory Information Systems

The Health business area of Scopeland Technology GmbH has made it its goal to modernize the market of study management systems, research-supporting database systems, and other laboratory information systems used in various research facilities by introducing modern software technologies to this field, which tends to be regarded as technologically conservative. The aim is to allow leading research institutes to work more flexibly and efficiently.

In order to incorporate the experience of the key service providers of this sector, Scopeland develops application-oriented product concepts and platforms for the respective target markets – partly in cooperation with specialist partner companies. Key partners/users include the Berlin Charité hospital, Kiel University, which plays a leading role in the area of medical research, and the Rockefeller University in New York that specializes exclusively in research.

SCOPELAND for LABS is an example of this type of optimized product platform that is based on SCOPELAND and has been specifically geared to the requirements of a modern laboratory information system. It includes pre-built and ready-to-use modules such as modules for biobanking, sample management, and results recording, as well as the tools required to configure the underlying data models to suit the needs of the user. It also comprises user interfaces and other interfaces plus a rule-based system for the flexible set up of plausibility and other processing rules.

SCOPELAND for LABS is not so much a finished LIMS product but a concept and tool kit for adapting comprehensive and specific laboratory information systems. The modern tools, which are consistently geared to interactive configuration, guarantee that the specific customer developments and additions are fully implemented within a period of a few months, which is the period that is typically designated for providing and adapting classic finished products.



Claudia Peißert

Scopeland Technology GmbH

Chief Productions Officer

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  • Generation of export and import interfaces
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Selected Customers

Charité Berlin - University Medical Center Berlin

Children's Hospital Zurich - Eleonore Foundation

The Rockefeller University Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS), New York

University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein