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SCOPELAND makes it possible to build complex and individual database applications as well as manage, analyze, export, and import data for all areas of research. All this is possible using a single standard software application, namely SCOPELAND.

We can use our special SCOPELAND technology to implement applications that are perfectly adapted to the wishes and requirements of scientific institutions and their employees – all within an extremely short time. Technology that is genuinely agile allows changes to be made very easily to an application after it has been completed. This technology makes it possible to respond to possible unforeseen changes that arise during the course of research activities.

Our work primarily focuses on:

Gene Databases

A key area for SCOPELAND in the field of bioinformatics is gene databases, in particular, for virology. We are working on major influenza and other gene databases in close partnership with the Friedrich-Löffler-Institut and important international organizations. Further information may be obtained on request.

Pädonko and IntReALL

International medical research and development of new therapy methods for treating children and young people with cancerous diseases and other non-malignant diseases of the haematopoietic system.



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