The history of the company Scopeland began in February 1990 with this phone booth located at the Birkenwerder S-Bahn city train station near Berlin, just 100 meters from the long-standing company headquarters in Birkenwerder.

Scopeland was perhaps the first software company to have been founded during the months surrounding the fall of the Berlin wall and its life began with some major challenges: We had no business premises, no telephones, and no loans. However, what we did have was an abundance of good ideas, lots of enthusiasm, and many brilliant minds.

What we, the founders, set out to do back then sounded very daring. Our goal was to challenge and question all the existing methods used to develop individual software solutions and develop alternatives that would help our customers save a lot of money.

At the time it was easy to get the best available software engineers interested in such a scheme. What proved more difficult was finding our first customers. It was also virtually impossible to get a telephone connection. But none of this prevented us from pursuing an extremely exciting concept and developing software that not many people understood at the time. The question that we were asked time and time again was “What's the point of configuring when you can program instead?”

This has changed now. Modern tools like ours that can be used to ‘click together’ a solution far more quickly than a large team of programmers developing a comparable solution have become commonplace nowadays and are quite naturally used on a large scale. But it has certainly been a long journey, with many obstacles, a lot of effort put into convincing people, and a great deal of R&D work.

Today, after more than 30 years, Scopeland is an established company with first-class references, experienced managers, and a highly committed and competent team. Our SCOPELAND product is a platform that has firmly established itself in public administration, in the health care sector, and in many other areas.