Template-Based Document Generation
Output Generator for Data-Intensive Documents and Reports

A particularly elegant, patented procedure for template-based document generation allows even the most challenging and comprehensive printed output to be created without any scripting and without the need for any special IT skills, in an appealing layout and in the layout that is required for official documents (for example, official notifications ) or commercial documents (for example, offers).

It is not just a case of producing simple form letters or simple tabular data views, but of generating complex documents with lots of deeply-nested, detailed information, pre-texts, post-texts and alternative texts, and many other mechanisms for data-dependent text composition.

The documents are initially developed in the same way as the interactive screen masks. The user interactively assembles hierarchical data views, and may add calculated columns, group totals, or other similar features. SCOPELAND, however, leaves the printable formatting and text formatting to the more suitable Office programs.

The templates can be edited very easily using the resources provided by the respective target program and without the need for any special IT skills. This method is used both by skilled application developers, who need to configure all types of printed output as part of the applications they are developing, as well as end users who wish to generate their own reports.

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