Our Offer to IT Service Providers and Consulting Companies

Are you keen to use SCOPELAND in your role as a consulting company or IT service provider?

That's an excellent idea as SCOPELAND not only helps you to speed up the success of your projects and save costs. And even more importantly, SCOPELAND helps you generate additional turnover. After all, it's mainly the benefits to customers that make this new approach attractive for your business.

And that's not all: Placing your bets on a configurable ready-made software application like SCOPELAND instead of creating everything from scratch in the conventional manner, taking a genuinely agile approach, and involving future users as closely as possible in the development process so that they get precisely what they really need – all these things help you to reduce your project risks. It could be said that ‘SCOPELAND projects never fail.’

SCOPELAND applications can also be adapted flexibly to changing requirements. If need be, this can also be carried out by the customer.

The advantage of SCOPELAND is not primarily an increase in development speed; it's the really unique customer benefits that matter most.

Therefore, the goal is to be able to offer your potential new customers something very special or substantially expand your current customer business.

Become a certified SCOPELAND partner!

We will support you in every way, as our main focus as a manufacturer is not on the service business. Instead, our stated goal is to find a place for our SCOPELAND software platform wherever specialist database-based applications are used – in every large company, in every large organization, and in every state office. Let's take on new markets together and explore different types of markets in different regions. Together with you, we want to establish our presence in all the places where we're not yet present.



Dirk Kotala-Wilhelm

Scopeland Technology GmbH

Head of Sales and Customer Support

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