Personal Dosimetry

ChariDos – the solution for clinics and research facilities.

ChariDos is an all-in-one solution for personal dosimetry in large clinics and research facilities. It was developed jointly with the Berlin Charité hospital. The program includes all current dosimeter types and covers all the administrative processes connected with the issuing, retrieval, and analysis of dosimeters. It also features the appropriate interfaces for exchanging data with the respective responsible Office for Radiation Protection.

The Berlin Charité hospital and Scopeland are jointly involved in the further development of ChariDos. The solution is distributed by Scopeland and adapted to the specific local circumstances.

DosSys – the solution for national radio protection offices.

DosSys is, in a sense, the counterpart for the respective radio protection offices of the federal states. The system is designed to be re-used by other federal states and is also based on the particularly flexible SCOPELAND technology. DosSys features configurable interfaces that allow for an efficient exchange of data with ChariDos and other dosimeter management programs.



Claudia Peißert

Scopeland Technology GmbH

Chief Productions Officer

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Selected Customers

Federal Office for Radiation Protection

Charité Berlin - University Medical Center Berlin (Dosimetry)