SCOPELAND as a Platform for In-House Developments
Fast, Flexible, Agile, and Highly Efficient: For an Effective Development Team

Do you want to implement your IT projects yourself? And, as an end customer, do you have your own software developers or wish to set up a development team?

SCOPELAND provides the ideal basis for creating all types of database applications, beginning with countless small and mini applications all the way to medium-sized projects and large development projects. In all projects, however large or small, it's always a question of costs, and the time that is slipping away without the project rightly coming to an end. It is all about adaptability to changing requirements and maximum user satisfaction.

This is reason enough to start thinking about a genuinely efficient development environment, (almost) 100% code generation, and interactive development methods.

If you're interested in this, where can you go from here?

‘Just trying it out’ may not always be the best way forward, as SCOPELAND is so different that even experienced programmers sometimes need some time to rethink. This is why we schedule a whole week for developer training. This gives us the opportunity to show your developers over and over again the shortcuts they are not likely to come across so quickly as JAVA or .NET programmers.

Let's tackle it together. We'll develop an initial ‘flagship project,’ together with one or two of your developers. This is your proof of concept and your ‘emergency exit’ in case we are unable to fulfill the high expectations you have. However, we are sure we will meet your expectations.

This way, everyone will see that it does actually work and they will get to see how it works. In the next step, we will set up a first small SCOPELAND team together with you. The team will have to prove itself in the real world and it will be measured by its real results.

After your first project has been completed successfully, you'll no longer want to have any of your projects developed conventionally ‘by hand’. The impact of modern, interactive development tools is enormous. It is not immediate and everyone must learn to rethink. However, in the end, you'll save millions in development costs.

And most importantly: Your projects really will be finished – in time and under budget.

External Support

Naturally, we will be happy to provide you with additional developer capacities so that you can expand your own team. We can supply our own experienced employees or the trained SCOPELAND developers of our partner companies. We will be glad to offer you our range of services.

Maintenance (Updates, Upgrades and Support)

As is customary for a product manufacturer, we also offer suitable maintenance for our products. In addition to free updates and upgrades, this maintenance also includes a well-coordinated hotline including telephone support and much more...



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  • Agile software development with an agile development environment
  • Development and Usage of WebServices
  • Generation of export and import interfaces
  • High data security
  • Low-Code
  • Multilingual applications
  • Sophisticated integrated printing
  • The universal code-free database application platform
  • With integrated GIS functionality
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