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SCOPELAND 7 is the latest version and is even more matured and powerful than any other version before!

At its core, SCOPELAND is again what it has always been: perhaps the world's most efficient platform for developing database applications, whether on the Web or on Windows - and now also in the world of mobile applications. Interactive configuration instead of programming, 100% code generation. While others are still writing down what they need, we are already done. This application software is not programmed, but is standard software. It only needs to be configured for your specific data content, application logics and design preferences.

The new version, SCOPELAND 7, makes it possible for all specialized applications created with SCOPELAND to be fully automatic, in Responsive Design, and thus to be operated on all conceivable devices. The aim of the new process is to ensure that hardly any additional effort is required during application development to adapt the user interface to the various target platforms.

In view of the enormous increase in efficiency achieved with the introduction of low-code technology, making programs responsive took up an increasingly large share of the development effort and became one of the largest cost factors. SCOPELAND is now putting an end to this.

This is possible due to the fact that in low-code platforms everything is already stored in a well-structured manner in the so-called metadata: everything that makes up the application and, among other things, all the properties of the respective data and all screen elements. This is already used to automate the design of user interfaces to a large extent. SCOPELAND goes one step further and now derives from this metadata how to automatically adapt the completed screen pages to the respective devices.

Thanks to such innovations, SCOPELAND applications are not only cheaper and more flexible than handwritten software - no, they are also better. SCOPELAND applications come standard with features that would be far too expensive to program in individual cases. After all, the primary objective is to support the users in their work and in the use of the programs as best as possible.








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