SCOPELAND 6 is our most up-to-date version, even more powerful and capable than all previous ones!

SCOPELAND is essentially again what it always has been: perhaps the most efficient platform in the world for the development of database applications, regardless of whether used online or in Windows, and in the future in the world of mobile applications, too. While others may still be writing up what they need, we are already finished thanks to interactive configuration and 100 percent code generation instead of programming. The application software is not programmed; instead it is standard software that only needs to be configured for its specific data content, application logics and layout preferences.

In comparison to the previous version of SCOPELAND 5, a new feature visible from the first glance is the updated menu. It takes on elements and principles of typical ribbon menus without abandoning the individual, somewhat low-key style of SCOPELAND. This update forms part of an optimization of the entire system geared towards a simpler and better learnability, which aims to make it as easy as possible for our customers and business partners to learn how to use SCOPELAND.

But not only the interface has been remodeled: more far-reaching changes can be found ‘under the skin’ of the product. Regarding the ever stronger alignment of the IT world and of course our software products, too, with mobile application scenarios and greater variety of devices, runtime functions and server components used for generated applications have been completely reworked and switched from static to dynamic techniques, for more dynamic applications with attractive menu controls and other HTML5 elements, as well as preparing for future progression of our product line, which is increasingly moving in a ‘mobile’ direction.

This enables, among other things, contemporary web apps. These are web applications with the look and feel of real mobile apps that can then be embedded into native framework apps. Above all, the principle of ‘frame application’ is key for more sophisticated applications that can adapt more easily and dynamically to the respective target systems, with a native look, yet configured with the highly efficient SCOPELAND methodology.

And there are also some totally new, great functions, for example, the default integration of map controls and services in SCOPELAND software. In a few mouse clicks you can connect map services such as Google Maps™, Microsoft® Bing™ Maps and OpenStreetMap in generated web applications. The best bit is that it comes ‘out of the box’ like this, so you do not have to do anything at all. This is practically all available automatically in every application containing some form of location data. This, too, would not be possible without the fundamental updating of our internal software base.

Thanks to updates like these, SCOPELAND applications are not only cheaper and more flexible than manually written software: they are also better. SCOPELAND-applications are equipped with standard features that would be far too expensive to program individually. Ultimately, the top priority is to give users working with these programs the best possible support.



Dirk Kotala-Wilhelm

Scopeland Technology GmbH

Head of Sales and Customer Support

 +49 30 209 670 - 123

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