Successfully realizing Digitization Projects – with competence, experience and Low-Code

We see ourselves as a specialist for customized application solutions. We develop all kinds of database applications and combined GIS/attribute data applications as individual digital solutions that are tailored directly to your specific needs. Our innovations are based on our proven Low-Code technology that allows us or our partner companies to develop complex and comprehensive application solutions entirely or almost entirely without any manual programming, in other words, with 100% code generation. Configuration instead of programming.

Building Low-Code teams - An IT specialist and four not-it-people work together

Due to new technologies and changing demands, it is becoming increasingly difficult for IT companies to find the right employees. Terms like DevOps, IoT, Design Thinking, and agile teams are on everyone’s lips. But how are these terms implemented in everyday life and perhaps more importantly: How are teams that work according to these principles assembled?

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The first Berlin Low-Code Day

With five keynote speakers and 18 expert lectures, 14 exhibitors, and 160 selected guests, Europe’s largest ever manufacturer-independent low code conference took place on 24 October. The highlight was the keynote by John Rymer, Vice President of Forrester Research.

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