SQPIs – The Team
Great employees with a lot of enthusiasm and even more endurance

Our ‘SQPIs’ (that is, our Scuuupies), include all the many ‘comrades-in-arms’ who are with us today and those who have accompanied us at times over the last 30 years or more, whether here in Germany, in Bulgaria, in the USA, or elsewhere.





The close cooperation within our team has resulted in an extraordinary commitment on the part of many people, and many of those who at one time or another chose a different career path for some reason are certainly still characterized today by the ideas and enthusiasm that have always underpinned our work.

Many of those who had left then came back to us at some point, and today employee turnover is practically zero. A team to feel at home, although there is an infinite amount of work to do. SQPIs are always under power, and that's the way it should be.

Scopeland is more than just a company, it's a community of people who want the same thing, who drive a common vision with a lot of enthusiasm and who rarely look at the clock, but always at what matters: the satisfaction of our customers.



What drives us (inside the office)

We believe it's time to rethink the approach to many IT projects. Much of what some customers have spent a lot of money on can now be done much, much easier and much better.

We want to actively shape and drive the process of change. We are also working to ensure that what is reasonable prevails on the market.

Would you like to know how it all began? You can find the Scopeland story here.


What drives us (outside the office)

At the annual company workshops, the SQPIs take a short break from their everyday office life in Berlin and Bonn. The program then includes getting to know the new colleagues better, promoting current topics together, active leisure activities and team building. And very important: The evening campfire is a must, as is the annual team photo.


Every year, the company's journey takes a different direction, and the joint programme is always very varied: the SQPIs have already travelled by canoe, boat, bicycle, carriage, trolley and magnetic levitation train, have flown in a flight simulator, have been together at the Christmas market, have made a wine tasting, have hiked in the vineyards, have tasted traditional food and drinks in the Slavs Village and strengthened the team spirit there and much more.



The SQPIs prove their endurance and commitment every year at the Berlin company run. The number of runners who successfully complete the 5.5 km long course increases from year to year.


Would you also like to become an SQPI?

On our job page you will regularly find new vacancies in all areas of the company.

At this point, we would like to encourage women in particular to apply, because Scopeland Technology already has a proportion of qualified employees that is above average for the IT industry