The Technology behind SCOPELAND

Scopeland Technology GmbH is not simply a service provider that develops efficient customized database applications. Scopeland Technology is first and foremost a product manufacturer and developer of the innovative, programming-free development platform SCOPELAND – the Low-Code Platform for expert application development., October 2017

We have been conducting fundamental research in matters related to software technology for more than 25 years and we are one of the few companies around the world that have been so intensively involved with all issues relating to metadata systems, declarative application logic, and code generation. We are also one of the first software manufacturers –or perhaps even the first – to introduce a complete and comprehensive system for consistent programming-fee software development onto the market. Quite a few of the modern techniques used in SCOPELAND and in other modern development tools were initially developed by us, and some of these have been patented.

The development of SCOPELAND has been and continues to be sponsored by the federal government, federal states, and the EU, among others. Our R&D activities always take center stage within the company.

How to manage the development of SCOPELAND applications?

Which is the right process model for customized database applications?

Some choose the waterfall model, while others go for SCRUM. Scopeland Technology chooses the phase-agile approach according to IPMA, which combines agility with predictability.

Download the White Paper Phase-Agile Approach

Guest at the leading event of the Public Sector for Digital Change

From 18th to 20th June 2018, Scopeland Technology will be present at the 6th Future Congress "State & Administration" at the BCC in Berlin - with a Best Practice lecture and an exhibition stand. The 45-minute presentation is entitled "Low-Code platforms as the key to digitizing specialist processes" and will be an exciting mixture of lecture and live demo.

To the event...

SCOPELAND-Lecture at Steinbeis School of Management and Innovation in Munich

On April 25th, 2018, Steinbeis School of Management and Innovation (SMI) in Munich will hold a seminar on "DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION IN IT: The "3D printer" for software development". Two representatives of Scopeland Technology will talk about digital transformation in IT and show the contribution SCOPELAND technology can make.



Karsten Noack

Scopeland Technology GmbH

CEO & President

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