Coaching and Training
Services provided by our Training Center

Our Training Center offers a wide range of training services to do with databases and developing with SCOPELAND.

Training courses can either take place using our equipment and in our training space, or they can be held in-house on our customers' premises.

Standard Training on SCOPELAND

  • Power User Training (Three Days)
  • Application Developer Training (Five Days)
  • Administrator Training (Two Days)

Special Coaching on Specific Developer Topics

  • Advanced Document Generation
  • Excel®Session
  • Workflow and Process Models
  • Frame Applications and Modularization
  • Map and GIS Integration, GIS Functionality
  • Mass Data Processing
  • Security and Accessibility
  • Document Generation in JEE Applications
  • Automated and Background Applications

Further information on our product-related training is available upon request.

Individual Coaching

If required, we can also conduct individual coaching as an alternative or in addition to our regular training courses. Ideally, this should take place directly as part of the real work carried out by the student.

Training for Application Solutions

Naturally, we can also offer you our whole range of training courses that are necessary to be able to work with the application solutions we have developed. These training courses are normally run by members of our project team, who have first-hand knowledge of the applications and are therefore best placed to answer all your questions.

Application training sessions are always arranged on an individual basis and are held preferably on the customer's premises. For more information, please contact our Sales department or the manager of your project.



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Scopeland Technology GmbH

Senior Consultant, Trainer & Coach

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